Cusco, “the navel of the world”, is a very special place to wait with overflowing joy and hope for the advent of the “New Year”, where the celebration takes place with people from all over the world, this party is held in the Main square of the city.

In Cusco, New Year’s Eve is an exciting, unbridled, and hilarious event. It is characterized by free concerts, fireworks, various drinks, and fun local traditions. The ancient imperial city of the Incas is the most popular in Peru to celebrate the holidays.

Fireworks and firecrackers abound everywhere. At midnight the Plaza de Armas of Cusco is illuminated not only with the official fireworks of the municipality, but also with all the fireworks that light the assistants. Thousands of fireworks are lit on the slopes that surround the city; They are less impressive than the official fireworks that are held in the Plaza de Armas because they are smaller, but they do serve to illuminate the night.

The city of Cusco is undoubtedly a magical place, many travelers gather here for the New Year celebrations

When December 31 is about to close at midnight and the new year is approaching there is a famous tradition that is running around the Plaza de Armas counterclockwise. When the clock shows midnight, people hold hands so they do not know each other and will begin to circle around the main square, depending on the speed of those around you, you can find yourself walking slowly or running fast. By the magic of this moment, time is going backwards. Joy, celebration and music, characterizes this celebration until dawn.

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