Warnings and dangerous of cusco
Cusco is a city in Peru. If you are visiting, this is not to scare you, but simply to make you aware and be aware of the dangers and thus be able to protect better.

Here are some warnings of the danger in Cusco.

Do not drink tap water
This is more difficult when you brush your teeth, because old habits die hard. It is highly recommended to buy bottled water that is available in all stores in the city.
Hotels with peepholes
Especially in hotels for backpackers it is important to inspect and search for these holes when registering and entering your room. These are the employees of the nudity states. They are more common in the bathroom, but they can be anywhere. If you find one in your room, talk to management immediately.
Carry only small bills or coins
When you want to walk around this city, do not do it with the big bill. Is insecure. There are many ATMs in all parts. However, try to keep the small bills and coins with you. Employees to tip people, use the bathroom (usually charge 1 sun), buy bottles of water, take pictures, etc.

Street vendors are everywhere in Cusco and can be annoying. If you have no interest, just say no thanks, and keep walking. Try to avoid talking to them or making eye contact.
Cusco is the city with an incredibly rich history. To satisfy all the needs of tourists, it also has a very lively nightlife.

Transportation and taxis
In many large cities that attract many tourists, taxis and public transport are unreliable and people can fall victim to thieves. Most taxis in Cusco are safe, but it is better to always use taxis from official companies. If you decide to drive in Cusco, keep in mind that driving standards in Peru are low. The Combis are also a more economical and reliable means of transport, although very crowded.

Portfolio thieves
The risk of being stolen by pickpockets is high in places frequented by tourists and street crime in Cusco is a big problem. Pay special attention when withdrawing cash from ATMs, since the objective of the thieves is your money. There has been a series of recent thefts against foreign citizens. When someone confronts these criminals it is better and safer for their physical integrity to give them money and valuables to avoid more serious consequences.

Natural disasters
Cusco is prone to various natural hazards, including floods and landslides, as a result of heavy rains especially between the months of December to April. Peru is located in some active zones of earthquakes and if you plan to visit any of these zones, you should familiarize yourself with the volcanic activity and follow the advice of the authorities.

The risk of robbery is not very common, but it still happens in Cusco. The assailants usually attack single travelers who show expensive jewelry, gadgets or purses. Passport theft is not very common but you should take special care with valuables on a bus, if you travel at night especially.

The taxi drivers that are commonly circulating in the streets are the most frequent scammers, since they try to take advantage of the travelers whenever they can. Pay attention and be clear with the agreed rate be careful not to forget your personal items at the end of the service (cell phones, camera glasses, etc.). Some tourists have been attacked and robbed by fake taxi drivers and some robberies have been reported in taxis from the airport.

Traveling women
The risk of a woman traveling alone being attacked in Cusco is very low, they should not feel insecure. Although many women travel without problems, it is advisable to avoid isolated places and walk alone after dark.

Cusco is considered as the “Archaeological Capital of the Americas”.
Tourism being the main source of income for Cusco, the authorities do everything possible to protect travelers from the crimes that may occur there. Even so, it is very important for travelers to protect their personal belongings at all times.

How safe is Cusco?
Cusco is not such a dangerous city, but opportunistic crimes such as robberies and robberies occur. Pay attention to people who try to sell you things in the streets. They should be avoided, as they could distract you while someone else tries to steal you. One of the dangerous areas where you should not just walk very late at night is the Plaza de Armas.

Use only taxis with license and identity, avoid crowds. There are a number of beggars in the streets of Cusco, most of them children and elderly people who will ask for money.

The nightlife of Cusco.
The nightlife in Cusco is famous for being one of the happiest places in the world. Cusco is located in the heart of the Andes being an ancient Inca mystic city and is as spectacular as it is during the day, the energy blooms all night in all directions. With a lot of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and lounges, Cusco comes alive at night, it is one of the most fascinating and vibrant metropolis in the world.

The city is full of history and is surrounded by very majestic ruins, it never stops attracting human beings from all over the world to turn it into the legendary attraction it is today. The nightlife of Cusco is so well known and famous that it has been the reason why many travelers visit this world icon.

The nightlife, tour mainly around the Plaza de Armas, easy to reach on foot or in a 5 minute taxi ride. Here you can go partying to dance all night in the clubs, watch live music, nightly shows, take salsa lessons, walk around the bars, have cocktails, etc. ENJOY THE NIGHTLIFE OF CUSCO !!!

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