The famous deep fried pork are the most requested by national tourists, foreigners and the same population. An hour from the historic center of Cusco, it is one of the perfect places to have lunch with family or friends. Upon arrival, on both sides of the highway you can see signs announcing hot deep fried pork ready to taste; places to choose from, with large green spaces and recreational areas that make you forget for a moment about the routine of the city.

To prepare a good fried meat pork, it is necessary to buy tender pork meat, especially that which is located on the rib and the tenderloin, so that by eating the piece of meat you can suck the bony.

Once purchased the meat is chopped into regular pieces, smeared with garlic and salt and then placed in a container to be absorved by the meat. The pieces of meat can not be too small, or too large, to cook well when browned in a copper pot. To cook it, the same fat from the pork is used and turned, sporadically, for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

When the pieces of meat are cooked, it is served with golden potatoes and a salad based on onions, tomatoes and peppermint, accompanied by a portion of mote (cooked corn) or a corn.

If you want to enjoy the deep fried pork from Cusco, you should not use the fork, but the fingers. A great secret!

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