The archaeological complex of Kanamarca, also called K´anamarca, is located in the Alto Pichigua district, in the province of Espinar, within the department and region of Cusco; at a height of 3 950 meters above sea level. At a geographical level, it could be added that it is based on a plateau where vegetation is scarce.

It is an architectural complex bequeathed by the pre-Inca culture of the K’anas and the Inca, during its expansion. It is said that the K’ana people, whose name means “braided” or “chosen” had their stay in the place from 5,000 BC. and that, during the Inca heyday, they were one of the towns that submitted to the mandate of the son of the sun, these being an excellent weapon of attack against the warrior people of the Chancas who refused to submit.

The enclosures are circular and rectangular.

It belongs to the K’anas and Inca pre-Inca culture. The archaeological site is located in a hole at 3950 meters above sea level and covers one hectare. The buildings are built in stone and mud. The enclosures are circular and rectangular shapes.

The place is the scene of dance festivals.

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