The department of Cusco has a great diversity of bird species, such as local and migratory birds that are appreciated by ornithologists and fans from all over the world.

In the Tambomachay valley, the Huayllarcoha wetland is located in the northern section of the city of Cusco, which is one of the best areas to spot some specific bird species in Cusco, more specifically in the Saqsayhuaman National Park. You can walk through grasslands and small forests of polylepis trees, agricultural areas and some Inca remains.

You can see birds such as thrush, seed eaters, tangaras, hummingbirds, finches, seagulls and others.

Manos de la comunidad, is a cooperative of 11 families located in Huayllarcocha, which allow visitors to have the opportunity to be directly with the community members take pictures of the andean camels (llamas, alpacas , vicuñas) and learn about the different varieties of work they do with baby alpaca wool and especially with the Vicuna fiber. Very appreciated place to stop and experience the recognition of quality varieties of natural fibers.

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