Located at Km 22 Route Cusco – Pisac.

This is an organization dedicated to rescuing animals that have suffered the mistreatment of man, or those from illegal wildlife trafficking, delivered in custody by the Ecological Police or the Peruvian Government.

The animal sanctuary of Ccochahuasi was founded in 2007. Since then it houses different species, many of them in critical danger of extinction, such as the ANDEAN CONDOR, the spectacled bear, pumas, turtles, deer and various species of exotic animals from our Amazon, where they had them as pets, but very mistreated.

In the case of the Andean condor, it requires special attention in order to achieve its ex situ reproduction and the subsequent release of the offspring.

They teach, for example, to avoid the purchase of feathers of these animals that are obtained from their illegal hunting. Among other reasons that cause their disappearance.

In this place you will see the condors flying above your heads, having the opportunity to take pictures with these animals a meter away, which makes this visit very exciting.

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