On October 31, Peru celebrates Creole Song Day. The main celebrations always take place on the Peruvian coast, where Creole music has great roots, but this day is also celebrated Halloween.

In many cafés, bars and restaurants throughout Peru, Creole Music is heard in bars, restaurants, on radio and television stations throughout the day. Creole music is very important in the lives of Peruvians. It is synonymous with tradition, nostalgia and love. It is the music of parents and grandparents.

Today these two parties coexist in Peru and are often held together

In the institutions of Cusco special activities are carried out during this day. Students dress in traditional costumes of Peruvian dances such as Afro-Peruvians, Marinera and others of the Peruvian coast that are the symbol of the coastal Creole style, which has become typical of Peru, this with the aim not to be missed “Peruvianism” by the influence of Halloween.

At sunset, children in groups or accompanied by their parents and / or family walk the streets in disguise with their small plastic pumpkins where they keep the candies that will be collected in supermarkets and some businesses that distribute these sweets to the sound of “Halloween, Halloween ” The shops around the square are decorated for the occasion with bats and cobwebs, and in all the nightclubs the tourists, also wear their best outfits of vampires, pirates, etc.

Costumes for children and adults can be found in the Piñaterías, along with all kinds of face paint, games, and other accessories. In Cusco, a complete row of these small fun shops can be found on Matara Street, just two blocks from the famous Avenida del Sol.

Despite the influences of music such as salsa, hip hop, rock and reggaeton, Creole music remains strongly Peruvian in its essence, and is a cultural icon and a source of pride for Peruvians.

The contrast and conflict between these two parties that are celebrated on the same day is a permanent point of debate among Peruvians, especially in Cusco, since foreign influences are brought to the foreground. This debate adds to the cultural intrigue of Cusco that offers various entertainment options for tourists, and ensures continuous emphasis and celebration in Peruvian patriotism.

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