The Inti Raymi is a party that is currently recreated on June 24 of each year as the most solemn holiday dedicated to the god Inti (the sun).

The Inti Raymi is a party celebrated since ancient times during the winter solstice to worship the Sun God, involving colorful costumes, fancy banquets, festive music and historical recreations.

This ceremony is held in the area of Sacsayhuamán, located in the northern part of the city of Cusco.

Sacsayhuamán is one of the major works that the Incas built to show their power and … (majesty ???.).

The sun was going away (June – winter solstice), the cold was rising, in the sunrises the water was frosty, therefore, there was a need to ask the sun to return, that when scratching the morning twilight did not continue moving north. Finally, there was the need to give the god Inti, the eternal and total delivery of his children, with submission and respect.

There were several reasons that prompted the Inca civilization to make sacrifices and offerings to the sun god. One was that the Inca, like the Cusco nobility, were considered natural children of the Sun; to obey his existence, they should correspond with sacrifices and offerings. (Spanish concept)

The town of Cusco prepares the party from many days before June 24, for which three impressive historical and natural places are used:

Qorikancha (gold enclosure) Main temple of Cusco dedicated to the cult of the Sun, where the golden garden is located.

The Plaza Mayor (the former Auqaypata or Plaza del Guerrero) In the time of the Incas, the ceremony took place entirely in the middle of the great ushno (ceremonial platform).

Saqsaywaman (voice that derives from the Quechua terms “saqsay” and “waman”, which translated into Spanish means “satisfied eagle”). It is located at 3,555 m.a.s.l. It was the Royal House of the Sun and temple dedicated to Lightning, according to Garcilaso. Here since 1944 the central part of the contemporary Inti Raymi takes place before an impressive crowd.

With more than 70 years of existence, the new Inti Raymi is now part connected to the life of Cusco. Not only is the central event of the month in the city, which is the example for other festivals of Peruvian national identity.

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