There are those who attribute the origin of this game to an ancient Inca legend. In this culture the toads were revered for their magical powers. On holidays, they threw gold pieces in the lakes, being that, if a toad jumped and ate the piece, it turned to gold and a wish was granted to the shooter.

In homage to so many wishes come true, the Inca orders to build a great Golden Toad, with which all royalty was amused. It was a game of suspense and skill, where dance and joy mixed in a single rite: PUKLLAY SAPU (play sapu).

ACCESSORIES: 10 bronze discs

Number of Players: unlimited (minimum 2)

Shooting Distance: Ladies, 5 meters, Knights, 7 meters

Winning Score: According to the agreement of the participants.

Competitions: 10,000 points per participant, for ten game wheels.


Each player will throw 10 consecutive game tokens, once his turn is over, the score reached will be counted.

Only records entered at the top are counted. Those that enter the front are invalidated, without taking a new turn.

It will be taken in turns until a player reaches the agreed score. In case of a tie, after the end of the game round, a new pitch is made between the finalists.

Once the game tokens have been thrown, under no pretext can it be re-launched.

It is prohibited to approach, distract or cross when a player is throwing.

The highest score is obtained by entering a chip in the mouth of the Toad, if it happens you should shout: SAPO!

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