As an emblematic sample of the Inca hydraulic wisdom we highlight Tipón, a town located 23 km southeast of Cusco, at an altitude of 3,560 meters above sea level, located in the district of Oropesa, province of Quispicanchis, was a major shrine where water worship was performed, with the care and veneration that the Incas treated this element. They are a hydraulic engineering model at the service of man and nature.

It stands out, that it is the only Inca complex that is in perfect operation.

The renowned Peruvian historian Dr. Luis Antonio Pardo, believes that the current name of Tipón can derive from the Quechua word Tímpuj, which means “to be boiling” and which refers to the sprouting of the waters of the sources as if the liquid was boiling. This name was assigned in modern times, as the original name was another.

The complex has beautiful fountains and gutters that until today continue to pour water, which emerges from mysterious and secret underground channels.

A tower-shaped ovoid construction is located south of the platforms. From this place you can see the entire ravine with an impressive view.

The Incas reached an impressive development in their architecture and especially in their hydraulic constructions. There is no archaeological group, where the admirable conduction and distribution of water is not appreciated, so that the lack of the liquid element was not a problem, moreover, some of them still serve to supply the population that currently inhabits the area.

Tipon – Baked guinea pig

The Cuy is a specialty since the time of the Incas, the best are those prepared by the natives, stuffed with preparations of fresh herbs that give it an exquisite aroma and flavor, are roasted in the wood oven, they are served accompanied by noodle cake, with rocotos and potatoes. The best baked guinea pigs are in TIPON.

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