Right in the highest part of the colonial center of the Inca city, you can see the magnificence of the White Christ of Cusco. A large statue of approximately 8 meters high that extends the arms as a sign of protection and welcome for the entire population of Cusco and its visitors.

From this place you can see the entire city of Cusco. The night view is even more beautiful where you can appreciate the entire illuminated city.

It was made very traditionally, with local labor, the plaster gave it its white color that shines against the Andean sky. The effigie of the White Christ of Cusco was built in 1945, and donated by the Palestinian Arab colony to Cusco.

In the Inca era the hill of Pukamoqo (where the effigy is located), was a sacred place because this hill keeps in its soil samples of all the lands of the territory of the Incas, that is, there are lands brought from Colombia, Ecuador, the north and southern Peru, as well as Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.

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