Queswachaca is a rope bridge made with Inca ancestral techniques and knowledge, which has been transmitted from generation to generation until today for approximately 600 years. The Queswachaca Bridge is over the waters of the Apurimac river.

The Queswachaca suspension bridge is known as the last Inca bridge and is located in the region of Cusco, Canas province and Qhuehue district.

The Inca bridge of Queswachaca is important as it maintains the ancestral customs of our Inca ancestors and is the last Inca bridge today, every second Sunday of June the Inca bridge of Queswachaca is renewed taking place during 3 days of festivities .

The bridge is 28 meters long and 1.20 meters wide, the inhabitants of the communities of Chaupibanda, Huinchiri, Choccayhua and Qollana Qehue and its annexes Ccomayo, Perccaro, Chirupampa among others. They build the bridge following the tradition of the Inca Pachacutec, about 800 community members from the aforementioned communities are responsible for

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