The “Potato Park” has 9,000 hectares, ranging from 3,400 to 4,900 meters, which belong to six communities grouped together for a sustainability project. It began in 1997, together with Kuyo Grande, Chahuaytire, Pampallacta, Paru Paru and Amaru, they made a kind of prevention and reinforcement of the cultivation of the diverse and totally organic potatoes, and as an additional value, they offer the responsible tourist of Peru and the world the possibility of learning from this splendid display of natural and human wealth. Community members who are also weavers keep the festivities and practices extremely interesting. There are approximately 6,000 farmers involved in the project.

Currently, this park preserves 700 varieties of native potatoes, more than 400 returnees (because they had already left) and five that are wild. The traveler can actively participate in agricultural work with members of the community, take walks for several days in different altitude scenarios, visit archaeological ruins, such as Pucará Pantilliclla, or visit Kinsagocha Lake, fields of crops or crops

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