21 kilometers from the Imperial City, known as the Tourist Capital of the South Valley of Cusco, is the district of Oropesa, this town belongs to the province of Quispicanchi.

Oropesa also known as the National Capital of Bread is the cradle of the elaboration of the famous “chutas”, disc-shaped breads that are characterized by their delicious flavor and their large size.

Chuta bread known as sonqosapacha, which means with a big heart, is unique in Peru for its taste, shape and large size.

They say that the nights in the district of Oropesa are full of life because the hearts of the bakers burn to the beat of the bonfire from the middle of the night, which is the indicated time to start with the kneading of the bread, the ingredients and Artisanal elaboration is what makes Oropesa bread different.

Chutas, grilles, muffins, ferrets and many other varieties of bread have an incomparable flavor.

The secrets for such delicious breads are in the water and the weather, are those that distinguish Oropesa bread, according to the connoisseurs.

This town is visited by thousands of tourists who delight not only with the taste of the rich breads, but can also enjoy the experience of making bread by hand.

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