The most outstanding dishes offered by the cuisine of Lucre are those made from duck such as Baked Duck, delicious soft and crispy meat that is accompanied by baked noodle. Very tasty and nutritious meat that can be served in different ways. The Trout is a semi-fatty and very tasty fish that in Lucre is cooked in the oven and is accompanied with Single Cheese. As well as potato, salad and chili pepper.

The products that also stand out in Lucre’s gastronomy are Quinoa, of great nutritional values and which is also used for traditional dishes such as Quinoa a la HuancaĆ­na, Causa de Quinoa, Quinoa with Chicken, Pickled quinoa with fish, among others. Mushrooms are another product of Lucre that have good amounts of vitamins and minerals and can be accompanied by beans, quinoa or corn.

Enjoy traditional Cusco cuisine in the South Valley of Cusco. Meet Lucre and try these delicious dishes.

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