In Cusco there is a magical place, full of flora and fauna, a place built by nature and recovered by man, it is the Huasao Wetland, tourist and conservation site, which invites locals and tourists to spend leisure time, surrounded by native flora and fauna, and although you do not believe it, of incredible giant figures of Avengers and The Lord of The Rings.

This mixture of nature and fiction is located just 30 minutes from the enclosure of Cusco and comprises an area of 10 hectares, which went from being a garbage dump and sewer to an eco-thematic park that has attracted national attention and even international.

It is a place full of trees, as shy as noble surrounded by wetlands full of wild ducks, it is unusual and so impressive, especially now, when the cement has gained much more space.

It was a challenge for the population of Huasao since they had to recover a rather mistreated ecosystem and at the same time turn it into a tourist site with a view to being a self-sustaining potential in the southeast area of Cusco.

On the species that inhabit the wetland, the Andean ducks, herons, tototeros abound, among the mammals are the funny poroncoes or wild guinea pigs and among the typical vegetation of the area we find the ├▒ihua, chillca, weeping willows, poplars

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