It is located in the district of Lucre, province of Quispicanchi.

The name of Huacarpay refers to the White Heron (Ardea alba), a bird whose name in Quechua is “Wakar”. This species is present throughout the year, although its population in recent years has been reduced.

The Huacarpay wetland is one of the few high Andean productive ecosystems, this means that here the base of complex food webs is formed, capable of housing a great biodiversity, it is also an important stop for migratory birds thanks to the quality of its water and its vegetation.

It is composed of four permanent lagoons, a seasonal lagoon, two swamps and two rivers, it has an elongated shape and shallow waters that are fed by the Lucre River. It is characterized mainly by the biodiversity it houses and its scenic beauty.

Said Wetland is located within the Archaeological Park of Pikillaqta, which has a Law of Amparo to the Cultural Heritage of the Nation, granted by the National Institute of Culture

The Huacarpay wetland is at an approximate height of 3,020 m.a.s.l.

This wetland is of great importance because it ensures the continuity of the hydrological and ecological processes.

The geographical conditions of said Wetland provide unique characteristics for the increase and conservation of different species of birds, arthropods, reptiles, mammals and fish, this habitat provides shelter and food especially to the different kinds of birds including endemic birds of Peru.

In this area there are different kinds of birds, such as the Rufous Canastero, Bearded Mountaineer, Striped Front Spine, a total of 108 species have been registered, including residents, migratory and occasional, in the months of July to September you can appreciate the arrival of many migrating and seasonal birds.

The Huacarpay Wetland is one of the most important in the circuit of the South Valley of Cusco and in the southeast of Peru, for its cultural, landscape and ecological value and for its socio-economic potential.

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