This splendid viewpoint is located in the community of Chonta in the district of Limatambo, province of Anta, in the beautiful region of Cusco.

Chonta, is a small town whose population is mainly dedicated to agriculture and livestock, and is a recommended destination for nature lovers and bird watchers. It is at an approximate elevation of 3400 m.a.s.l.

For the Incas, the condor or Apu Kuntur was a “Messenger of the Gods” who flew to the upper level of the religious world (Hanaq Pacha) to take the prayers of the entire Inca population to the gods, representing the connection between Hanan Pacha ( divine world) with the Kay Pacha (earth).

The viewpoint of the condors is a natural place for you to enjoy this majestic bird, as is the condor; We can also observe beautiful cultural attractions such as: The archaeological zone of Tarawasi, the fruitful estates of Limatambo and different natural attractions such as mountains, rivers, streams, snowfalls.

The condor canyon is a place where we can locate the Andean condor, which forms the Andean Divine Trilogy, this place offers visitors the majestic flight of the condor in its natural habitat and the impressive Apurimac canyon with more than 1500 meters deep, Here is the home of the condors, where they nest.

In the viewpoint of condors, visitors can also appreciate the impressive natural paradise of the Apurimac River Valley, considered to be the largest in South America.

On the way to or from the viewpoint, you can visit the Archaeological complex of Tarawasi, located in the Limatambo district. In the Inca period, this temple was intended to be a ceremonial center located in the initial part of Chinchaysuyo. There is also a stone altar (usnu), agricultural platforms with their respective source and irrigation channel, there are trapezoidal walls and niches of the size of a person. Finally, it is said that it would have been built with the purpose of establishing a resting tambo, on the road to the Chinchaysuyo area (east).

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