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all included tours from start to finish. is a fully licensed professional tour operator based in Cusco, Peru. We offer a variety of tours throughout Peru, including the Inca Trail and several alternative hiking options to Macchu Picchu. We are dedicated to providing excellent service on a constant basis and we take pride in our unique and innovative policies regarding ethical tourism and community welfare

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35 years of experience organizing tours in Peru with excellent reviews and comments. Average size of our groups: 2 to 15 people. We promote responsible and sustainable tourism in Machupicchu, Cusco and all of Peru.

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You can ask for any particular information regarding the Cusco tours including Machu Picchu, rainbow mountain, Inca Trail, Salkantay, Lares valley trek, or Amazon jungle jungle areas in Peru. We will assist you any enquiry in office working hours.

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We work with local People and Andean born folks

We have been working for about 20 years in Peru Cusco and jungle regions, collaborating with many people and have experience many great times as wel as not very lucky seasons, we gave and received support from Cusco people. We are a medium size tour company committed with the sustainable tourism

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We make travelers consider that in the history of humanity the Incas existed, as a civilization, more than 700 years ago (or many centuries earlier), they show us how skilled they were in the technology of development of architecture, geology, astronomy, biology, and other sciences, which amaze the world that even without understanding it, they continue to assume that we are still A NEW WORLD when in reality they do not explain clearly this incredible development … .. it is our duty to teach to you this “new world” under another more objective and rational perspective making you enjoy the true charms of this wonderful region of our planet.

Our guides are aware of the difficult task of interpreting this great civilization, which is why with a great mental openness and without passion, they will let you know different interpretations and theories, being the right of you to choose the one that is most within your own experiences , knowledge and beliefs.

Understand that the history and biodiversity of Peru makes it one of the most privileged countries on the planet, so take your time to explore it.

Our visitors will undoubtedly go in small groups to know the inter-Andean regions in particular.

Knowing how the Incas interacted with nature, vegetation, animals and other environmental organisms, it is impressive, you will explore different areas (north, south, west, east) of the inter-Andean valleys of Peru, understanding that the wonder of world, Machupicchu is located in the cloud forest in the Amazon of Cusco Peru, which will give you a great opportunity to know this place of great biodiversity.

Everything discovered in Peru since the early twentieth century has only given us more mysteries about this civilization, understanding this, many specialists in archeology, architecture, engineering and stonework specialists as famous sculptors, can not yet emulate or clearly explain the work left by this civilization, despite having better tools now, a situation that increases more curiosity to know how they would have achieved as much perfection in the treatment of rocks as the Incas did during this time in which they had rudimentary tools.

Focusing on the Amazon region, due to the legends and stories transmitted orally, we are sure that there are still more Inca remains that have not yet been discovered, so we feel obliged to protect these places of great biodiversity, then scientifically and, with the right technology, we could find some answers regarding the Incas and their advanced development that remain hidden in this vast territory.

Anthropologically it is important to protect the Andean and Amazonian communities that provide us with ample knowledge that we must respect, since nature and its environments are very well understood by the original ancestors of our Incas, they are the ones that are really in connection and understand very well to nature and its properties.

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The team is made up of enthusiastic, efficient and professional people, all Peruvians are willing to help you and make the most of your visit.

Our guides are aware that a very good service is essential to help make your trip an unforgettable experience, which explains why we are more demanding with our staff than any tourist. The superiority of us is backed by our excellent tourist reports

We organize tours in Peru for travelers looking for a great experience in the nature and history of one of the most fabulous civilizations in the world…. THE INCAS


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One of the founding members of is Edwin Medina, he is a tourism professional, with more than 35 years of experience in the travel industry. He has worked with multiple tourism companies, in the planning and operation of tourist circuits and itineraries.

Edwin worked as a guide and tour leader for individual clients and groups for over 35 years, and is very familiar with the work of the tourism industry.

This new project is an experience that combines the knowledge of life, work in the field for many years, the love of travel and professional training, with the aim of creating magic in each experience for each of the participants who You will enjoy your trip with